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Fatherhood (4:20) Full Song MP3 41 sec
I'm Gonna Love You (3:10) Full Song MP# 35 sec
That's All I Can Take (5:03) Full Song MP3 49 sec
The Way That We Dance (3:40) Full Song MP3 53 sec
My Baby's Gone Hollywood (4:26) Full Song MP3 66 sec
Highway Rider (3:20) Full Song MP3 43 sec
Already Over You (4:19) Full Song MP3 71 sec
I'm Tempted (4:28) Full Song MP3 35 sec
Little Girl of Mine (3:21) Full Song MP3 50 sec
Tried and Convicted ( 4:16) Full Song MP3 41 sec
Baby I Love You (4:10) Full Song MP3 56 sec
Sweet Talkin (3:42) Full Song MP3 65 sec
Bye-Bye Baby (6:16) Full Song MP3 54 sec
Bye-Bye Baby[Vinyl] Bonus Track (4:15) Full Song MP3 54 sec

All Songs Written by Tony Barca Copyright 1997 HandleBar Music, ASCAP.
My Baby's Gone Hollywood Written by Nugent, Brooks, Deery Copyright 1997 Caballeros Azules Music, Melts in Your Ears Music
& Harvey Brooks Music, ASCAP
Already Over You Written by Tony Barca & Matt Boughton Copyright 1997 HandleBar Music, ASCAP